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Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello everyone!!

I was asked by many people whether I still single and available or not. I don't know why it is so important to know about someone's relationship status? Because my friendship has nothing to with my current relationship status. And if you think it's important, you should tell me the reason of it.

My heart is taken and it equals to I'm attached. Oh really? No. The right words should be I'm single but not yet available. I prefer to tell everybody that I'm single but I'm not interested to have any relationship for the moment. Reason? I haven't finished my study yet. And, my parents will oppose me. Why? Being a medical student needs a lot of commitment. It's not just for the sake of passing the exam but for the sake of my time management. Yes, I do have time for love thingy but I cannot promise I can maintain it.

Anyway, I love somebody already. And I belong to her. Who? XD

Last but not least, I'm finishing my study soon. I hope I can pass my exam and go back to my lovely hometown and start working. But I'm kinda scare, no confident to pass my exam. Sigh. Please support me in your prayer!

Bye. :-)

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